About Nomadic Nishant

My name is Nomadic Nishant and I’ve been travelling since 2010. From childhood I was never a big traveler, but travelling keeps running in my mind. I love travelling India. I have not explored foreign destination barring few. This website will be focused mainly on Indian destinations. After completing my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, I joined a petrochemical giant company. I could not explore much during that period.  Today I am working with an MNC based in Noida.

Apart from travelling, I love reading and interacting with people. For me travelling is not just my hobby but it is my passion. I love interacting with local people. I prefer travelling by public transport.

There is a myth that travelling is an expensive hobby, but I have entirely different opinion.  Travelling is a cheap and enriching hobby. I didn’t need to be rich to travel.



This website is dedicated to all those persons who inspired me to travel and those who wish to travel. I will write my personal experiences, suggestions and some other issues such as environmental and cultural norms that we should respect while travelling to these places.

I will be writing everything based on my personal experience. The tips, advice and suggestions will help in making your journey more comfortable and economical. In long term I want to see India as a preferred tourist destination for entire mankind.

In destinations section, I have written the complete detail and relevant information about the place, route, cost, what to do and what not to do, what to carry etc.. In blog I will be writing the general tips related to travelling and planning.

So stick around, learn how to travel more, spend less and stay comfortable and feel free to ask me any questions!

I will keep updating the new destinations. I hope, it will make your journey more comfortable and memorable.

“Nomadic” Nishant
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